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Kartaplastic® is a special bioriented polypropylene that has the best qualities of both paper and the plastic film; the product is also called “synthetic paper”.

Kartaplastic® appears as an ordinary sheet of paper, but much more tear-resistant and it’s supplied:

  • In different thicknesses.
  • In rolls and sheets.

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features and datasheet

Kartaplastic® is composed of two outer layers of homogeneous polypropylene treated for stamping, while the central layer is a structured polypropylene, with micro-bubbles of air, evenly distributed. The characteristics of Kartaplastic® are the excellent properties of the polypropylene; therefore, it’s tear-resistant, waterproof, resistant to various chemicals, it isn’t affected by changes in temperature, it’s environmentally friendly and recyclable. At the same time it retains the features of paper, an excellent printability with conventional offset inks, UV, flexographic inks, screen printing inks, pad printing inks, hot stamping, thermal transfer.


The matter surface of Kartaplastic® is treated with a special primer. This characteristic makes it suitable for high-resolution stampingand rapid drying of the inks. It can be printed by lithography, flexo, offset, letterpress, thermal transfer and hot stamping. With respect to the flexo and offset stamping, we recommend to use inks that quickly dry, by oxidation or suitable to synthetic papers, in order to avoid a possible interaction between soluble ink and paper.


  • high dimensional stability
  • easily adaptable to the relieves
  • easily foldable for hot and cold 
  • easily to cut with scissors and cutters
  • suitable for hot stamping and thermal transfer ribbon
  • bi-oriented


  • advertising
  • sport plaques
  • road and nautical maps
  • labels for plants
  • safety documentatio
  • badges of health identification
  • inviolable safety labels and manuals
  • high strength tickets

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