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The hot stamping foil is a decoration technology that has a long history, as the first patents date back to the end of the 800s, when the need is felt to be able to write indelibly on the first black photo albums.

The first patent of 1892 refers to a white covering foil applied with a hot plate.

The technique consists in transferring the decoration, incorporated in a thin and plastic foil, on different types of material through a combined effect of pressure, high temperature and shutter speed; in fact, in the printing process these variables are closely related to each other.

The achievable decorations depend on the properties of the foil and can be metallized (gold, silver and colored), pastel, pearly, holographic, etc.

Based on its experience, Tecnofoil has selected a complete range of foil products for hot stamping in general, foils for cold stamping and special foils for the "cast gold" effect (Embotec®).


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