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Gloss/matt/colored metallized foils

metallizzati articolo 1000x600

Metallic foils are in great demand by the market to obtain different and brilliant warm decorations. These metallized foils are made through an electrostatic, sublimatic and vacuum-sealed deposit of metals (such as aluminum) that give a particularly bright and real appearance.

The presence of the colored ink above the metallization allows to obtain shades of color which, passing through the hot silver and gold, becomes copper, champagne, gunmetal, bronze, green, red, blue and black.

Furthermore, chemically or mechanically, these foils can obtain glossy, semi-opaque or opaque effects.

No other printing technique is able to obtain a shining effect such as that achievable by hot foil stamping.

In recent years, hot stamping foils have been applied with brushed, glossy or opaque effects, especially in the furniture and household appliances sector.

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