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Stamping pads

materialitaccheggio articolo 1000x700Tecnofoil offers stamping pads that are selected for answering to particular stamping needs. 

  • RUBBER with a thickness of 0,30 mm: mainly used in bindery to support and cushion the pressure of hydraulic machines in support of the card.

  • PRESSURE RUBBER with a thickness of 0,65 mm, smooth surface, is a material both elastic and squeezable and it is used for structured stamping, for extended surfaces in order to prevent the leak of gas.In plastic stamping it is necessary as support to compensate for any differences in the material.

  • PERTINAX with a thickness of 0,30/0,50/0,80 mm, is a rigid and non-compressible material. It is normally used for high-precision stamping and very fine details; it can be used, too, as basis for countermatrix.

  • PRESSPAN with a thickness of 0,30/0,50/0,80 mm, is a flexible material with a homogeneous structure, polished. It’s a standard support for flat-cylindrical stamping, normally used to compensate for any differences in the material.

  • SUSTAMID with a thickness of 0,5 mm, is a 6 polyamide, a very elastic and universal material used to bring the machines to their maximum pressure performances. Suitable for gilding of extended surfaces. For its transparency shoplifting is facilitated.
  • THERMAL BIADESIVE width 255 mm. To fix the plate to the printing head, a special thermal biadhesive can be used, up to certain temperatures, which is activated with heat and makes the positioning of the die lasting over time.



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